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July 1, 2015
Sacramento Area
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Are You Ready To Lead?

June 26, 2015

By Jason Brenier

 The partners at my firm are always advocating skills improvement, or “sharpening your saw” as they put it. When it comes to improving leadership skills, I often ask the question “What makes a great leader?” If you’re on the partner track, developing leadership skills is critical not only for your career, but also the succession of the firm as baby boomers transition to retirement. Here are a few items I’ve picked up through experience and from reading recent articles on leadership:

  • Respect the current leadership: There may be a huge generation gap between you and the current partner transitioning to retirement, but he or she has years of wisdom and experience to pass down and assist in your development.
  • No such thing as a free meal: The current leadership has worked very hard to get to this point in their career and the up-and-coming generation needs to earn their respect before they have the confidence to pass you the baton. You’re not entitled to a position of leadership. You earn the position with hard work and talent.
  • Leaders are not reluctant: Have the self-confidence to voice your opinions and messages in a professional manner that empowers others by providing fresh insight and feedback. If you want to become a leader, step up to the plate and take charge in leading your team.

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Chapter News


Be a Participant in Your Career! Connect, Grow & Learn in 2015-16!

Mark your calendar so you can take advantage of the multiple opportunities provided by the chapter in the new fiscal year! For specific interest groups and discussion groups, contact the chair or co-chair for dates. If you have further questions, e-mail program associate Cindy Holcomb or call (619) 252-2944.

July 20: Padres at PETCO Park Event
Aug. 20: ABC Night
Sept. 24: Member appreciation at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant
Oct. 29: Fall Event at Phil’s BBQ
Jan. 13: ABC Night

Special Events
Nov. 18-20: SD 19th Annual Tax & Accounting Institute
Dec. 9: Holiday party at Club M of The Grand Del Mar

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Thank You All for Another Successful Tax & Accounting Institute

It was good to see everyone in November. Once again, the committee picked timely topics and quality speakers. Because of our sponsors, we will once again have proceeds to transfer to our scholarship fund. Please feel free to contact our speakers or sponsors for information and assistance:

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CalCPA News

How You Can Help Californians Better Manage Their Finances

California CPAs, educators, nonprofits, community volunteers, legislators and financial professionals will come together July 30 with a common goal—to improve financial literacy. The 2015 California Financial Literacy Summit at the San Jose Marriott will provide free educational resources for teachers, volunteer training and opportunities to build connections within the California community to promote financial education and focus on how we can empower the next generation to better manage their finances through education.

Register today for this free event, which provides three hours of CPE.

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CalCPA Leadership Institute

What kind of leader are you? To find out, we have just the opportunity: CalCPA Leadership Institute.

Discuss, analyze, reflect and build your leadership skills through this five-day program, during which you’ll learn leadership fundamentals and identify personal leadership styles, as well as gain insight on strategic planning, goal setting and client management, among other topics.

The program will be held Nov. 16-17 (San Diego), Dec. 8-9 (San Jose) and Jan. 19 (Sacramento).

Interested? Grab more information and an application online.

Applications are due Aug. 28.

San Diego CPE Week
Monterey CPE Week

Save the Dates

July 6-10: San Diego CE Week
July 15: North County Inland DG
July 15: Government Contracts
July 16: North County Coastal DG
July 17: La Mesa DG
July 20: Networking Event/Padres at PETCO Park
July 21: Firm Administrator Forum
July 22: Nonprofit DG
July 23: Estate/PFP
July 23: International Tax DG
July 28: MAP
Aug. 20: ABC Night
Sept. 24: Member Appreciation Networking Event
Oct. 29: Fall Networking Event/Phil’s BBQ
Nov. 18-20: SD 19th Annual Tax & Accounting Institute
Dec. 9: Holiday Party
Jan. 13: ABC Night

Local Interest Groups

The San Diego Chapter offers a variety of opportunities to exchange information and connect with your peers. Lists committees or other information within the chapter.

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