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July 1, 2015
Sacramento Area

CalCPA Membership: Something For Everyone

By Bridget A. Sanders

Membership in professional organizations is undergoing a shift. Gone are the days when professionals almost automatically joined their statewide association—because it was something you ‘just did.” Today’s generation of professionals approach this differently. They evaluate the options and determine which memberships are worthy of their time, money and effort.

I am pleased to report that membership in CalCPA continues to offer something for everyone!

  • Networking: Members can network with other professionals at local events, committee meetings and social gatherings. Networking can result in business referrals, job connections and resource contacts. We hope you can join us for our next social event, scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 3 from 5:30–7:30 p.m. at Il Fornaio in Roseville.
  • Advocacy: CalCPA serves as the voice of our members. Want to share in that voice? Mark your calendars for Wednesday, Jan. 17, to participate in our annual CPA Day at the Capitol, where members meet with local representatives and their staff to discuss critical issues affecting our profession.
  • Student outreach: Our association will one day be led by our student members, so let’s groom them well! CalCPA remains active at our local colleges, by speaking in classrooms and at student organization meetings, to promote this amazing profession and reward deserving future CPA’s with scholarships.
  • Community outreach: CalCPA offers the opportunity for members to give back. This fall our chapter is planning to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House and Sacramento Food Bank. We are also planning to participate in Toys for Tots during the holidays. Details will be available soon!
  • Leadership opportunities: Be a leader! CalCPA offers leadership opportunities at both the local and state level. Members can serve on a board, chair a committee, organize an event or evaluate scholarship applications. We can always use more volunteers as part of our Sacramento chapter leadership team!
  • Quality continuing education: In addition to the continuing education required to maintain our CPA license, members need to remain current on topics and issues that affect our clients and employers. CalCPA offers discount-pricing programs to keep the cost of CPE manageable, and members can learn at their convenience with a variety of formats available.

I would really like your feedback on CalCPA. What value does membership provide to you? Please complete this quick survey for a chance to win a free iPad!