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July 1, 2015
Sacramento Area

Meetings Catered to You

By Bridget A. Sanders

Happy June, chapter members!

One of the benefits of CalCPA membership is access to a local network of CPAs and the opportunity to attend committee meetings in our region. Our chapter remains one of the most successful in the state, primarily as a result of how active our committees are and how diligent our chairs are in organizing such outstanding meetings! Our committees generally organize meetings with topics and speakers focused on a particular technical area; however, we recently added a new committee focused entirely on developing leadership skills. In response to feedback that members want to stay local and network with CPAs in their community, we also have committees that are geographical-based and rotate technical topics and speakers.

Speaking of the geographical-based committees, we’re excited to host three discussion group meetings in our region: Roseville, Davis and Sacramento. Aaron Johnson and Cameron Hess lead our Roseville Discussion Group, also known as the Notorious RDG, and our Davis Discussion Group is chaired by Jamie Baker. Our newly formed Sacramento Discussion Group, which I spoke about in my May message, will rotate topics between tax, estate and financial planning, management of an accounting practice and nonprofit. Kathleen Donelan-Maher, Jesse Kaplan and Sherri Graham will organize the tax meetings. Bruce Kajiwara will arrange the estate and financial planning meetings. Aubrey Stodghill will spearhead the MAP speakers and Silvia Ortiz will coordinate the nonprofit meetings.

The technical committees include our Administrative Committee, chaired by Sarah Mossman, our Forensic Services Committee, chaired by Dave Black, and our Real Estate Discussion Group, also known as RED, chaired by Cameron Hess.

We’re excited to also offer meetings focused on leadership through our Growth Opportunities in Leadership Development Committee. Jamie Baker, Rachelle Castro, Hirvin Gonzalez and Emily McLean chair this committee.

Unfortunately, we do have a few committees that are inactive: Accounting Principles and Auditing Standards (AP&AS), Governmental Accounting and Auditing (GA&A) and Business and Industry (B&I). Please let me know if you might be interested in volunteering to reboot any of these committees.

Check out our chapter page for information on upcoming committee meetings. If you would like contact information for any of the committee chairs listed above, please feel free to email me.