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July 1, 2015
Sacramento Area

This Is the Year

By Alex Brown

Like many people, I established my 2017 resolutions with great determination to hold out strong to the end of year. I really feel like this is the year! Last year was full of distractions. Between Brexit and the U.S. elections, Black Lives Matter and police protesting, the Zika virus, terrorist attacks, North Korea missile testing, the Syrian crisis, South China Sea disputes and the Summer Olympics, there were plenty of excuses for being distracted from annual resolutions.

But 2017 will be different, right? It will be different, most certainly. If ever we needed evidence, last year was a perfect example that we’re now living in an era of constant change. For many, this adjustment has been challenging as there is always more assurance in a world of predictability. The only thing predictable about the future is its unpredictability. So while we could find ourselves at the end of the year with excuses that “life” thwarted our efforts to remain committed to our resolutions, we need to finally adjust to the realities of the world and make this “the year” we stick to it!

The idea of change is even finding its way into our local chapter. As we go through this year, you will see modifications to our chapter committees and how they conduct meetings. We will continue to provide high quality speakers on topics important to you, but there will be committee consolidation that will strengthen groups, providing more networking and opportunities to share best practices. We’re adjusting to change and are fully embracing it. We’re also determined to stay on task and meet the goals that we have set for ourselves. We hope that you do the same.

Make it a great January!