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July 1, 2015
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Want to Mentor a CalCPA Campus Ambassador?

CalCPA is launching Campus Ambassadors this fall at selected California universities. The program will consist of one student representative from each campus. Ambassadors will share the benefits of joining CalCPA with their fellow students and receive unique opportunities to network with established CPA professionals—and potential future employers. This partnership will also help CalCPA build stronger relationships with accounting educators and students, as well as promote the accounting profession and CPA license.

For Campus Ambassadors to succeed, we need a CPA mentor for each campus ambassador. The mentor will advise the student and introduce him or her to CalCPA members at chapter functions. Beginning in October, CalCPA will be accepting Campus Ambassador applications from students enrolled in the following: San Diego State University; USC; California State University, Northridge; California State University, Bakersfield; Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; Fresno State University; San Jose State University; Santa Clara University; and California State University, East Bay

If you would like to be a mentor for a campus ambassador in your area, please contact Melissa Thornton.