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March 24, 2015
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President's Message

Time Flies

May 1, 2015

By Karen Connair

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since I sent my first message to you as chapter president. It’s truly been a privilege serving as your president this past year. This would have been a much more difficult job without the expertise, commitment and contributions of my fellow officers and directors. I also owe a great deal of gratitude to program associate Nancy Wilson, who has done an incredible job of assisting us in completing our chapter’s goals this year.

This has been an exciting year for our chapter. I’d like to highlight a few of our major accomplishments this past year.

At our annual Scholarship Award Reception, we awarded more than $49,000 to local accounting students. For the first time, we added a new level to the awards: students seeking masters programs. Our scholarship program now offers rewards to worthy students in accounting undergraduate, masters and graduate programs.

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Chapter News

ABC: As Easy as 1, 2, 3

By OCLB Chapter Second Vice President Summer Taylor

We’ll be hosting our fourth annual ABC Night Aug. 12. This is a great opportunity to connect with various attorneys, bankers and CPA professionals serving the dynamic Orange County/Long Beach business community. We’re proud to host this year’s event at the exclusive Pacific Club in Newport Beach. Last year’s event brought more than 120 participants, and we expect even more in 2015. Sponsorship opportunities remain; if you’re interested, please contact Sponsorship Chair Karen Connair.

While some people are natural networkers, or “super connectors,” others can be quite intimidated by a whole night of networking. Some people put networking as high as public speaking on their list of fears. For those of you in the latter bucket, or even those not gifted with super natural networking tendencies, I thought it would be helpful to provide some basic tips to make networking at ABC, well, as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Ask how you can help other networkers, and ask other networkers to help you. After the initial chitchat, get down to business. You’re there to build your network, after all. Asking questions leads to good conversation, and more valuable connections. Here are a few of my favorites: How can I help you? What ideas do you have for me? Do you know …? Who else should I meet/talk to? Can you introduce me to … ? Can you tell me about …?
  • Bring a friend. It’s not unusual to find that networking ranks at the bottom of some people’s to-do list, because many just don’t like it. Maybe they consider themselves shy, or maybe they don’t like to “sell” themselves. In either case, having a wingman (or wingwoman) can help conquer these feelings. Having someone you know will make you feel more comfortable. On the “selling” side, there’s no better endorsement you can get than one that comes from someone who works with you, so let your networking BFF sell your story, and you do the same for them.
  • Continue the discussion beyond the event. So often, we go to these events and accumulate a pile of business cards, which then collect dust in the Rolodex (yes, I have one, and, no, I haven’t touched it in years). This year, make a commitment to follow-up with some of the people you meet. Here are a couple ideas to continue to the discussion: Follow-up with an answer to one of those questions above, send them a news article related to a discussion you had, offer to introduce them to a client or friend, invite them to another event they may be interested in, meet someone for coffee to get to know them better.

Follow these simple ABCs and count the connections you make. That’s how simple networking can be!

Looking forward to connecting with you at ABC Night!


Do Something Good for Your Firm & Future CPAs: Sponsor ABC Night

Our fourth Annual OC/LB ABC Night is coming up Wednesday, Aug. 12, at Pacific Club in Newport Beach. Be sure to mark your calendars, and consider taking a larger role this year as a sponsor. All net proceeds benefit the OC/LB Chapter Scholarship Fund, and the spotlight on your firm that sponsorship provides doesn’t hurt either. Take a look at ABC Night sponsorship levels below, and download the save the date flyer here:

Sponsorship Levels

  • Diamond ($2,000): Two-minute speaking opportunity; collateral table; prize drawing; mention in e-blasts and bulletins; logo and company link on chapter website; name and logo on projected thank you loop, which will cycle throughout event; name tag designation as event day sponsor; 5 tickets.
  • Gold ($1,500): Your company name and logo on a projected thank you loop, a mention in e-blasts and bulletins, logo and company link on chapter website, collateral table, name tag designation as event day sponsor, 3 tickets.
  • Entertainment Sponsor ($750): Your company name and logo on projected thank you loop as entertainment sponsor, name tag designation as event day donor, 2 tickets.
  • Specialty Cocktail Sponsor ($750): Your company name and logo on a projected thank you loop as specialty cocktail sponsor (naming rights included), signage at bar, name tag designation as event day donor. 2 tickets.
  • Dessert sponsor ($750): Your company name and logo on projected thank you loop as dessert sponsor (naming rights included), signage at dessert table, name tag designation as event day donor, 2 tickets.
  • Supporting Firm ($750): 10 tickets, signage at event as supporting firm, a mention in e-blasts and bulletins.


How You Can Help Californians Better Manage Their Finances

Register for the 2015 California Financial Literacy Summit—July 30

Are you a current financial literacy volunteer looking for additional training, resources and networking opportunities with other volunteers and financial literacy stakeholders? Are you considering volunteering your time to promote financial literacy in your community? Do you know of teachers or parents who are interested in bringing financial literacy resources into their schools?

On July 30, California CPAs, educators, nonprofits, community volunteers, legislators and financial professionals will come together with a common goal—to improve financial literacy. The 2015 California Financial Literacy Summit at the San Jose Marriott will provide free educational resources for teachers, volunteer training and opportunities to build connections within the California community to promote financial education and focus on how we can empower the next generation to better manage their finances through education.

The 2015 California Financial Literacy Summit offers a unique chance to connect with leaders in the financial literacy community as well as educators, nonprofit volunteers, community organizers and financial professionals.

Visit www.calcpa.org/flsummit for the latest information about the summit and to register for free. All meals and parking are included. Reception to follow at the conclusion of the event. 3 hours of CPE will be offered.

Our special thanks to the following sponsors for their generous support:

Grant Thornton
CalCPA Education Foundation
California Teachers Association
California Jump$tart Coalition

Mercury Insurance


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