Gov. Brown has signed into law AB 1775 (Obernolte), which conforms the California tax due dates to the recently changed federal due dates for partnership and C corporation returns. For returns for taxable years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2016, partnership returns will be due March 15, C corp returns will be due April 15 and S corp returns will continue to be due March 15.

These new due dates for federal and state returns are expected to alleviate timing pressures and provide a more logical flow of information for a smoother and more efficient tax preparation process with less estimates, extensions, and amended returns.

The passage of AB 1775 creates important tax conformity between federal and state due dates and highlights the influence of CalCPA\’92s grassroots advocacy efforts. At CPA Day in January, more than 200 CalCPA members met with legislators from all over California to discuss topics important to the CPA profession and the California taxpayers. One of those topics was the importance of tax conformity to keep California tax code in line with federal tax laws.

CalCPA members explained how nonconformity between state and federal tax law unnecessarily burdens tax compliance by requiring CPAs and taxpayers to make numerous adjustments using different methodologies to accommodate the variances in state and federal tax returns. The legislators\’92 responses to the conformity discussion from CPA Day were positive and resulted in the introduction of AB 1775.

This small, but important change is the result of the hard work and dedication of CalCPA members\’92 grassroots efforts. CalCPA would like to thank Assemblymember Obernolte for authoring AB 1775, as well as all the CalCPA members who took the time to being a part of the process at CalCPA Day.

AB 1775 illustrates the success that is possible thanks to the proactive efforts of CalCPA\’92s advocacy efforts.

(Updated Sept. 14, 2016)