mintzer.andy.jpgThis month\’92s issue of California CPA takes you behind the license to get to know 2016-17 CalCPA Chair Andy Mintzer, whose focus and determination over the years has allowed him to achieve more than most people in less time.

His profile, written by managing editor Damien English, details how Mintzer graduated from high school at 16; was a college grad at 19; and earned a graduate degree and CPA license by 20\’97which made him the youngest CPA in Florida at that time.

If that\’92s not enough, he was at the forefront in developing one of the more interesting (to me) aspects of accounting: Forensics, which epitomizes the phrase, \’93Follow the money.\’94

And within CalCPA, Mintzer has certainly made his mark, volunteering in various leadership positions over the years at the chapter and state level.

\’93CalCPA has been there for me and I want to do my part to ensure that a valuable and vital CalCPA is there for our members of today and tomorrow,\’94 he says.

You can read more about what Mintzer has planned for his tenure, such as increasing member engagement, in his Chair\’92s Message.

But while the academic and professional accomplishments are interesting and impressive, what I like most about our chair profiles is what we in journalism call \’93color\’94\’97the human interest tidbits that tell us what drives the person, events that have shaped the person or where we might find the person outside the office.

For Mintzer, that includes such things as geocaching, the theater and embracing social media as an active Twitter user. And how many others can say that Stanley Kaplan, the test preparation pioneer, attended his bar mitzvah? Or have Newton Becker, founder of the Becker CPA Review Course, as his father-in-law?

There\’92s more than Mintzer in our July issue, however. Among other articles, we thank our Top 150 Firms  (is your firm a \’93100 percenter?\’94) and our CPA-PAC donors, and contributor Adam Blitz helps clear the air when it comes to making decisions about cloudware.

So, dive in.