It’s not the just numbers that add up in the movie “The Accountant.” Body counts do so, as well.

If you haven’t heard, the film stars Ben Affleck in the title role and, as the movie’s poster would suggest, his CPA career path is not a typical one. Affleck’s character, Christian Wolff, is a clean-cut, pocket-protector wearing CPA who runs a nondescript CPA firm in a small town–who also happens to be trained in a specialized form of martial arts, is handy with high-powered weaponry and does most of his accounting work for dangerous criminal organizations.

How many CPAs do you know who have been paid in gold bars or Jackson Pollock paintings? Wait, don’t answer that.

“The Accountant,” however, is more than just an action flick. Affleck’s character falls on the autism spectrum and the movie has as much to do with relationships and understanding characters as it does with spreadsheets.

Thanks to Warner Bros. Entertainment, which is releasing the film Oct. 14, I was able to attend a special screening of the film last week in Los Angeles, as well as a press conference with Affleck and co-stars J.K. Simmons (the guy in the Farmers Insurance commercials) and Cynthia Addai-Robinson, and director/executive producer Gavin O’Connor.

Representing CalCPA at the press conference, I of course was interested in learning what research O’Connor and Affleck may have done to learn the nuances of a CPA, forensic accounting and setting up the film’s fictional business, which has a discrepancy in its books just as it’s about to go public and hires Affleck’s character to find the missing money.

Following the press conference, I was able to steal a few minutes with O’Connor, who said, “We definitely did a lot of homework and worked with professionals in setting up the financial aspects” of the business in the movie. “The numbers part was pretty scary and we wanted to get it right.”

To that end, the production team enlisted an accounting professor from Georgia Tech University to generate myriad number formulas befitting a large, multi-million-dollar corporation and ensure the steps taken and language used were realistic as Affleck’s character and co-star Anna Kendrick, who also plays an accountant in the film, review the company’s money trail.

“I was more comfortable with the action part of the film than the numbers part,” O’Connor said. “But we wanted to make sure all aspects of the movie were accurate.”

Playing Christian Wolff, Affleck said it was “a lot of work because it was a challenging role and a complex character. It was the most complicated character I’ve played. On the one hand, he’s this effectively trained fighter and on the other, he’s a math savant. Those facets of his personality–seemingly at odds in him–were unlike anything I’ve ever done before.”

“The Accountant” combines various genres–suspense thriller, drama, action and character study, with some humor smartly mixed in. Check it out when it releases Oct. 14 and let us below or on our Facebook page whether you think the film balances out–or needs an audit.