0616.cover.jpgI\’92m 36 years old, and have been working at CalCPA for almost 10 years, so it may come as no surprise to any of my more experienced readers that it\’92s a source of pride for me to be working with an organization that will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. That\’92s a long time in my book! 

The CalCPA Education Foundation will be celebrating this landmark with at a black-tie optional gala and silent auction the evening of June 23 in the Langham Hotel in Pasadena. California CPA magazine is celebrating the event in a special June issue with a cover that includes the faces of the various Education Foundation presidents from past years, and a cover story discussing the history of the storied organization, as well as the future of where it is headed.

So read the article and take a walk through the Education Foundation\’92s history, learn what the future of CPE may hold or watch out for your invitation to the gala and ring in the big 5-0 with other members in style in Pasadena.

Moving on to the personal-financial-planning theme of the June issue, a standout article for me is Mark Astrino\’92s piece for CPAs on how to take a more personal approach to financial planning for your clients

This year was my first year using a CPA of my own, and I\’92m also taking on a financial planner. I was struck when reading Mark\’92s article about taking a personal approach with clients because that\’92s exactly what has made the transition to paying for these services such an easy decision for me. In selecting a CPA, I of course used CalCPA\’92s \’93Find a CPA\’94 service

I must admit picking the name off the list felt impersonal, and it was a bit worrisome. 

\’93Am I really going to open up my financial life to some name on the internet?\’94 I asked myself. 

Despite my discomfort, I took the leap and chose someone who was very close to my home and had the specialties I was looking for. Within minutes of arriving at the firm my discomfort dissipated, and it was the personal approach my new CPA took with me that did it. We talked about other people in town we both knew, how I got to where I was, what some of my financial goals were, how he could teach me a thing or two moving forward\’97and found out we even shared the same birthday! 

Early on I felt I had found someone who could be my friend, as well as my CPA. I feel his knowledge of me, my world and who I am makes me very comfortable opening up financially and paying for his services. Mark\’92s article addresses this approach much more in-depth and directly, and I encourage you to read what he has to say as it could mean longer-lasting, highly productive and much more meaningful relationships with your clients. 

Those are just a couple main highlights of our June issue. We also have Amber Setter, CPA, PCC delving in to a financial planning road map for those about to have kids in \’93Stork Funding;\’94 Joel H. Framson, CPA/PFS, CFP warning members about prudent fiduciary practices in \’93Fiduciary Facts;\’94 and Michael J. Jones takes readers through the opportunities and pitfalls of self-directed IRAs

Read on.