This year’s Farmers Tax and Accounting Conference will take place in Fresno, at the heart of California’s farmland. There’s still time to sign up for this event on September 21, or you can watch the live webcast from wherever you are. Join hundreds in the agricultural industry to get up-to-date information on the hottest topics currently affecting our field.

For a sneak peek of what’s to come in less than a week…

1) The Most Recent Update on Cash Method of Accounting and Valuation

Returning speaker Craig Houghton will discuss the status of ongoing legislation he has been involved in regarding cash methods of accounting and valuation, and share his perspectives of what’s on the horizon.

2) Get the Newest Developments on Income Tax Issues Specific to Agriculture

Self-employment tax has been a particular point of interest, and moderator and participant David Pardes will lead discussions on how to save on self-employment tax, as well as touch on international tax issues, which have recently become a bigger aspect for many Ag taxpayers.

3) Practical Information on How an IC DISC Might Benefit Your Business

While this topic has been explored at past FTAC conferences, this year panelists will be taking a more applied approach to determining the benefits of an IC DISC for individual businesses. The takeaways from this talk should provide attendees with actionable information for taxes and future filing processes.

4) The Latest Advice on Economic Trends You Didn’t Know to Ask About

Curt Covington has been sharing his insights on economic trends and shifts in agricultural banking practices at our conference for the past 10 years. Always entertaining and informative, his talk is a way understand the current economic climate and to better anticipate what is ahead for Ag.

5) A Banker’s Perspective on What They Really Want In Your Financial Statements

The first panel of its kind at this conference, five different experts in agricultural financing will host a discussion that explores what should really be showing up in your financial statements–and what they don’t want to see. They will be addressing the challenges of analytical analysis of Ag financial statements, and demystifying the details in an applicable way.

6) Up-To-Date Insights on the Ongoing Labor Law Issues

Labor laws are a huge issue right now, and have been for a while. This talk will feature experts who examine the pros and cons of labor contractors versus in-house labor, how to navigate California versus Federal Law, and provide the latest updates on labor laws as they pertain to agriculture.

7) New Information on How California Water Legislation Will Impact Land Values

Water issues have been of primary importance ever since the beginning of California’s drought, with resulting water restrictions leading to land values shooting sky high. Stanley Xavier will give updates on how the newest water legislation and the ability to access groundwater will impact land values.

There’s now a new way to connect with fellow Ag’s, either as an in-person attendee or while on the live webcast. Check out the free app from CalCPA in the Apple Store or Google Play Store for the complete program, speaker bios, and other event related information, a conference guide right at your fingertips.

Since the beginning, farmers have always faced the challenges that come with working so closely with Mother Nature. But with the constant barrage of legislation surrounding water, labor, income taxes, and more, today’s agricultural industry has to deal with a whole new set of rules. The Farmers Tax and Accounting Conference will host leading experts in the field to examine the impact of these ever-changing regulations and provide insights into making them work for you.