Entertainment Industry Conference 2016

Since the mid-80s, technology has accelerated, and massively disrupted, every aspect of the Entertainment Industry \’97 movies, TV, music, sports, even the once-staid world of fine art. Today, teenagers carry a store-full of digital music in their pocket-pods. Full-length movies, sports and music stream 24/7 over hundreds of cable channels into home digital recorders and smartphones. Content radiates to and from markets worldwide over tens of thousands of Internet channels.

Who can keep up and keep track of all that? You can. You somehow do. And you must continue to stay ahead as our Entertainment Industry continues to evolve at lightspeed.

That\’92s the focus of the CalCPA 2016 Entertainment Industry Conference at the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel on June 15th. In one day, you get an overview of the key best practices and insights you need to stay ahead in your entertainment area of focus. Conference panels and speakers cover the industry\’92s essential basics and emerging issues including:

  • Business Management Best Practices and processes for today\’92s fast-changing industry \’97 including managing philanthropy with due diligence and fraud control
  • Changes in domestic and international tax law \’97 including foreign resident tax issues for globe-trotting athletes and entertainers
  • New revenue opportunities and risks in the branding of creative properties and celebrities \’97 including legacy and estate planning
  • Art collection acquisitions \’97 including structuring deals, financial management and tax issues
  • Globalization with a focus on China \’97 including trends, deal-making considerations and regulatory issues
  • Exploring the new frontiers in Virtual Reality \’97 helping you advise your clients on the emerging trends and issues 

Don\’92t miss this leading-edge Entertainment Industry event designed for industry CPAs, business managers, attorneys, bankers, CFOs and controllers. For more information visit the 2016 Entertainment Industry Conference agenda and Location.

Can\’92t attend? Tune into conference webcast.